Cleaning Concrete

Concrete Cleaning: It’s Easy, It’s Fast and It is Convenient

Any kind of concrete surface will eventually collect dust. When this happens, concrete cleaning will be more difficult because it will be most likely that certain dust particles get stuck to the concrete. This is the reason why it will help to have your concrete cleaned every once in a while.

The most common method in concrete cleaning is with the use of high pressure water. The pressure poured out of this is enough to remove grime, dirt as well as grease. This method consists of a pump topped with a spray nozzle to create that high pressure velocity.

Concrete cleaning is relatively easy because all that is needed is a pressure water, a pair of gloves, equipment for eye protection, proper chemicals, a power source for the pump and a reliable water source. It is most advisable that the power washer has a flow rate of four to five gallons per minute with a preferable 3000 psi. Most professional cleaning experts, however, choose a pressure cleaner that is wheel mounted in order to get more coverage of the area to be cleaned. In addition to this, a rotary nozzle does the best job compared to the fan nozzle. In the same way, a hot water pressure cleans better than a pressure washer that uses cold water.

It is important to note that safety is the number one consideration and that is the reason why gloves, clothes, goggles and proper cleaning shoes are required. During winter, do not forget to use an antifreeze solution to the pump before storing it.

Natural Methods in Cleaning Concrete

It is no question that concretes have provided people with the convenience life can offer them. In fact, it has been a witness to every moment shared with families and friends. Yet, it has also been the constant abuse of usage and dripping stains of these moments. So how should one start cleaning concrete? You may try the following natural methods:
1. Make way for the cleaning. – Setting everything that blocks you from cleaning every corner and detail is a must when you plan of cleaning concrete. Secure electric wires and other flammable materials that you find to keep you safe. This way, you are free to do the job that awaits you and let the real cleaning begin.
2. Grab a concrete cleaner. – You can visit the nearest home improvement store near you for an effective concrete cleaner to use or you may make use of an oxygen bleach mixed with hot water as a cleaner. For your own convenience, you can place the mixture in a spray container and start spraying it all over your concrete to release its dirt and stains.
3. Grab a brush. – Start brushing and scrubbing the sprayed concrete to efficiently remove all the dirt and stain. You can use a push broom or you may also make use of a pressure washer which can make the job easier and faster without dispensing the cleaning attention your concrete deserves.
4. Let it dry. – Make sure to let dry the concrete after all the brushing and scrubbing. A push squeegee can make the job faster in putting off the excess water on the concrete.
Happy cleaning everyone!