Coloured Concrete

Colored Concrete: The Next Thing in Concrete

Concrete of olden days are now long gone. Coloured concrete is the next best thing. The once plain, boring and grey flooring gets to be transformed into a worthwhile and aesthetic investment. Also, the advancement that the concrete industry has gone through includes the incorporation of color into their concrete thereby giving customers and contractors more choices.

Decorative concrete adds a sophisticated style to any kind of flooring. When it comes to choosing colours, experts say that it is not advisable to blindly trust those floor charts. The reason is because color charts can be deceiving. It is always the case that the final outcome is dictated by the amount of color used the volume of water poured in and the kind of cement. A trial application is what should be done first.

When it comes to the effect you want to produce, making this decision should be made in advance because the contractor as well as designer will have to check whether the chosen color fits the overall theme or motif of its surroundings. This is also the reason why color consistency is also important. This includes the curing, operational timing and the staining stages.

It is also worth noting that if the color preferred is not available, the contractor will be able to mix different kinds to closely resemble the same. Custom colour matching is also available to suit the design of the whole project scheme.

Being in the hands of an experienced contractor, coloured concrete becomes all the more appealing. With all the possibilities today, who knows what spectacular design will come out next.

Maintaining Coloured Concrete

Most decorative concrete admirers always consider the total uniqueness for each installation as one of its best attributes to which it can assume almost always any shape, pattern, design or texture. But the most distinguishing characteristic among concrete product is the coloured concrete which can either used in a delicate way to unify with the nature or perhaps to make a theatrical design statement. Coloured concrete brings an aura of fresh new assessment to any commercial or industrial setting or living space. It employs the most modern methods and techniques to give concrete a color that was far more beautiful than a painting and can even last for a decade.

And because color can enhance the beauty of any establishment, it’s no wonder why there are already a huge list of different products for coloring concrete and a lot of manufacturers that offers an extensive palette of shades to choose from. Though colored concrete is quite expensive compared to those typical concrete, it is still worth the price at the end when you see the conversion of any infrastructure, it gives a promise of never-ending display of decorative effects that would usually enhance the harmonious relationship of the furniture’s, sidewalks, patios and its surroundings.

Although most of the coloring concrete nowadays assures you to retain its beauty for a decade, it is still important to have some maintenance, proper protection and caring, it would always be a requirement in every colored concrete and it usually varies in terms of the type of color use and the exposure condition. It is highly recommended to ask for your decorative concrete contractor for the best ways of caring and maintenance procedures. Though for most manufacturers, they will usually recommend an application of clear sealer to newly colored concrete for an additional protection from any abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure.