Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

The basics behind concrete driveway resurfacing

No matter how much you were able to maintain your concrete driveway, time will come that it will deteriorate and loosen its grip on its adhesives and eventually crack. This is not a problem anymore because there are basic steps which are easy to follow in order to recover your once fresh and newly painted designed concrete driveway. Concrete driveway surfacing has been the most preferred technique in doing the rejuvenation of your concrete driveways. Here are some basic steps to guide you in concrete driveway resurfacing:

1. Make sure to clean the entire surface thoroughly. If you have decided to conduct your own way of cleaning, make sure to take off all the crack debris on top of the surface. If you own a pressure washer, using this would be very good in order to assure a clean surface before eventually doing the resurfacing.

2. After making sure that the entire surface is cleaned up all throughout, it’s time to find cracks and holes. Reinforce these holes and cracks with fabric and start filling in these holes and cracks by applying an elastomeric basecoat or by an epoxy mortar over these affected surfaces.

3. After making sure that the surface has been smoothened from cracks and holes, the real concrete driveway resurfacing starts. Start applying a prime coat and a granule broadcast over the intended area.

4. Follow the application of a texture coat. Prepare the ultra surface polymer over the surface and spray it evenly. This may be done by using a kind of spray gun.

5. Use a trowel to ensure a perfect even of levels then choose your desired color for a better effect.