Concrete Finishes

Different Variations of Concrete Finishes

The variations in the usage of stencils for home improvements carry with it the variation in concrete finishes that you desire. This goes with the same manipulation of the material only that this time, you are also giving attention to the type of finish of your concrete. There are a number of variations to choose from in the kind of concrete finishes you like. When dealing with ordinary aggregates, accentuating it with ornamental or decorative objects such as colored sands and aggregates like marble chips, granite and screenings oftentimes do the trick. These decorative objects give way to the expression of the color of your concrete. These are sometimes responsible for highlighting the true color of the concrete itself. In fine aggregates however, the common finish used is a rubbed finis.
Another type of concrete finish is by using well-made forms before spading the concrete in order to hide the coarse particles. This type however has been considered by many as conventional because even the use of decorative objects would not do any good to its color. This is technically referred to as leaving the surface as produced by forms. Although conventional, you may still choose more colorful decorative objects to go with the finish.
Another variation is what you call as cement-water wash. This is usually achieved by mixing cement and fine sand with water in order to form paint. This is use in with the purpose of filling in pores and to cover grain marks. However, this has not really been advised by many based on experience as it has been found out not to be efficient when it comes to filling.