Driveway Resurfacing

Tips for resurfacing your driveway – if you want to do it yourself!

Resurfacing is the method used when repairing cracked or discolored concretes. As time goes by, your cretes may age with time and may be discolored and may give in their durability. However, one need not necessarily spend too much by taking out all these concretes and replace it all together. Although this has been an expensive and ideal way to do in order to assure the highest quality of concretes for your home, why spend that much when there are only a number of concretes which suffer such defects and there is really no need to replace the entire driveway? Cheaper and unique, many homeowners have shift to using this method rather than replacing their entire pavement and driveway. The following are quick and easy tips for driveway resurfacing.
1. Clean the surface properly. – By cleaning means that you have to take off any cracked debris that is inserted in the sides of the concrete. Most homeowners prefer to use a pressure washer in order to thoroughly clean the surface before the overlaying happens.
2. Repair the crack by availing of crack repair materials. This shall also be the same when there are unnecessary holes in the surface, it must be treated with an epoxy mortar.
3. Prime coat must then be applied followed by a texture coat. This may be done by using a spray gun. After this, finishing may be achieved with the use of a trowel to even the surface finishing. It is then on this part that one may choose what color should go along with the resurfacing. Afterwards, one may also use a sealer to completely finish off the driveway resurfacing.