Driveway Surfaces

Various Driveway Surfaces

One way of adding value to your property is choosing a driveway surfaces. This is part of the landscaping process wherein the driveway should not be garish and can simply blend in with its surrounding environment. The different types of driveway surfaces are:
• Concrete surfaces – this are poured in a solid slab with joints space several feet apart from each other. The purpose of the joints is to allow expansion and prevent cracking at the same time. Now if you are worried on its value you can opt for the least expensive options which is the traditional gray where there is no tint added on it. However if you have a good budget and you want your driveway to appear decorative, you can opt for coloured concrete which has the ability to enhance the beauty of your driveway.
• Pavers – is another option of concrete surfaces that you can choose from. It is made of brick or natural stone. Concrete pavers in the best choice for those who have a limited budget and it is available in varying sizes, shapes and colors. However if you are looking for a traditional choice, brick paver is the best option that you can take. This is usually encountered in some historic towns and serves as street pavers. The most expensive pavers are the natural stone which can either be in the form of cobblestone or slate paving. This is often used for patios and front walkways.
• Gravel – is one of the inexpensive type of driveway surfaces. This is commonly used in driveways or large parking areas like in commercial buildings. This is made up of loose stones over a solid base and it comes in different colors and size.