Is your ugly driveway making the rest of your house look silly? We can turn your cracked and weathered looking driveway into a BRAND NEW concrete driveway for a fraction of the cost other concrete companies will charge you! Don’t listen to their jibber jabber. Talk to us – Add instant value to your home today!

Concrete Resurfacing

Sydney Concrete Resurfacing won’t charge you an arm and a leg or sacrifice quality. Since we’re a small team of experts, we’re low on overheads and we are happy to pass the savings onto our clients.

Plain concrete (single colour) –  45 / mtr2

Stencilled Concrete – from 48 / mtr2 – Rosettes, borders and extra colours are extra

Stencilled Concrete with Rosette, Border & 2 Coloured – from $50 /mtr2

An average driveway may measure up to be around 60-80 square metres, so something like this may cost from $3160 to $4,000.  This is significantly cheaper than the cost of ripping up your existing concrete and replacing it with a totally new job (may cost over $9,000!). Its also way cheaper than some of our competitors!

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Due to the set up costs involved with some small jobs, there is a minimum charge for $1200 per resurfacing job.

Concrete Resealing Costs

If your concrete needs to be resealed, we would be delighted to help!

Please email us or call us to arrange a quote.

How to measure the size of the area

If you don’t know the size of your driveway you will need to measure it to work out how many square metres need to be refurbished.

You can simply pace out the area (assuming one large pace is about a metre) or preferably use a tape measure, to find the length and width of the area to be treated.

For example, a driveway is 8 paces (metres) long and 3½ paces (metres) wide.
8m long x 3½m wide equals 28m².

If your area is more complicated than a simple square or rectangle, mark out areas so that the driveway is broken up into a number of easy to measure squares, rectangles and triangles. Measure each of the areas, calculate the number of square metres for each area then add them all up to work out the total number of square metres for your project. This way, you’ll get an accurate figure, even on large, complicated areas.

Each square or rectangle is simply length x width.
Each triangle is length x width, then divide by 2.