Stencil Concrete

How stencilling of concrete is done – the traditional way

Floor tiles can be very expensive these days and while the need of a good home intrudes in the way along with the need to pay the tuition fee of the children, most likely the latter will be prioritized. Today, stencil concreting has paved the way by providing an innovative and cheaper way of styling your home. You may follow the following seven quick and easy steps to stencil concrete:

1. Get the measurement of the area where you want to apply the stencil. By getting the width and the length of the area where you intend to concrete, you will also be able to know how many stencils you need in order to finish this home project.

2. Choose a stencil pattern that will complement your home interior. You may visit the nearest home improvement store in your place and check for yourself the availabilities of stencil designs and styles that will perfectly suit your needs.

3. After preparing the area and after choosing a stencil pattern, begin pouring the concrete on the area where you want to apply the stencils. It is important to level it all over and to carry out the leveling according to instructions provided for in the manual that goes with the product.

4. Wait until the stencil concrete becomes slightly wet before placing it according to your chosen design. A stencil roller will be very useful in plastering these stencils. A good alternative to this would be a trowel.

5. Start applying the color hardener onto the concrete using a bull float.

6. You can then now lift up the stencil to allow the entire surface to dry completely.