Stencil Crete

Stencil Crete: The Best Alternative to Recreate Stencil Designs

Often times, stencil crete is considered to be just a mingling term of stencil concrete which basically the prefix “con” has been struck down. However, in its specific sense, stencil crete refers to paper stencils which is responsible for recreating the traditional pattern of your concrete. This is another innovative idea and concept of making use of stencils to make your home look even better. Because paper stencils happen to be less expensive as compare to plastic stencils, these stencils have become widely used as an alternative to recreating stencil designs and patterns. Working with stencils makes adding colors, pattern and even texture to a plain slab even easier. This must be applied at the time of the pouring in order to achieve its desired effect. You have to wait for the surface to dry and see for yourself the amazing effect it can give to your boring concrete surface.
Among the widely used stencil crete pattern includes Ashlar Tile, Bushrock, Cobblebrick, European Fan, Original Herringbone and Keystone. These cretes may vary in colors depending on what you desire. However, the widely used color is gray as it makes a classic look especially when done on pavements or driveways as it gives a medieval aura to the place. Depending on your home theme, you may also choose to have it white, black, red or maroon or by mixing colors in varying patterns. This is really the best part of stencils; you get to mix up colors without worrying about messing up the designs. In fact, most often than not, mixing up colors and stencil designs have been practice naturally because it gives a beautiful effect to home interior and designs.