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Sydney Concrete Resurfacing was established to provide our customers all over Sydney a skilled team of professionals that specialised in excellent and creative concreting resurfacing services. Our team have been doing concrete resurfacing for over 7 years and we are proud to remain at the forefront of our industry in terms of technology and workmanship used.

We are a proudly an Australian-owned business based in Western Sydney. Our Licence Number issued by the Department of Fair Trading is 151257C.

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Sydney Concrete Resurfacing won’t charge you an arm and a leg or sacrifice quality. Since we’re a small team of experts, we’re low on overheads and we are happy to pass the savings onto our clients.

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Sydney Concrete Resurfacing is ready to work for you! We can handle any job – big or small. We love what we do for a living and look forward to providing you the best job possible.

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Concrete Resurfacing

There is modern trend today which is becoming so popular especially in Sydney, Australia. It is a new style that attracts the people. It offers a more modern decorative concrete by blending ornamental elements to plain grey concrete. Many contractors, architects, designers, business owners and homebuilders are now conscious of this fact and most likely, Sydney Concrete Resurfacing is the best among them.

Why Resurface your concrete?

Making renovations on concrete surfaces is known to be very expensive. Only few people are engaging in such project. Nowadays, there is a newly emerged solution designed to provide consumers an affordable service called the concrete resurfacing process. Driveways, patios and even pool side areas can now have appealing and good looking appearance because of such process. People usually do not think any more of the quality of the concrete they are trying to put up into their homes as long as they have grey slabs to put to it. Always remember that our homes reflect our own character. Sydney Concrete Resurfacing is always ready to shift your traditional and classy looking surfaces into a modern, fresh and stylish one. Essentially, it is a decorative coating to your concrete - giving you a brand new look at a fraction of the cost of removing / replacing concrete.

What is available in Concrete Resurfacing?

There are lots of professional recommendations used in substituting the dull surfaces of driveways, walkways, floors or walls such as stencilling, stamping and etching. Concrete resurfacing is available in a wide range of colours, designs, and textures. It can look like an amazing architectural art and the usage of some techniques may help you achieve your desired result. The work is sealed to ensure that the finish is water resistant and durable. Many resurfacing products are also slip reduced for safety.

Concrete resurfacing is the term used when the classical surfaces like the grey coloured one is changes to the modern ones using newly discovered methods. There are different methods used in performing this job and one’s preferences are important in choosing which is which. The methods are used to renovate the existing surface or just create a new one that covers the previous surface. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you achieve your desired result.

Can the concrete be resurfaced?

Before planning of resurfacing, of course you should know what to be resurfaced. The condition of the concrete is the primary reason why resurfacing is needed. Checking concrete whether it is to be resurfaced or not is not a very difficult thing but a very important factor in determining the need of renovation. Usually, professionals are the best ones to do this.

There are various options available for concrete resurfacing such as overlays, decorative stencils and spray on paving. The style or design of the overlay one can be placed through stamping of overlays. There are solid and soft look depending on the level of the overlay. The decorative stencil is the technique used in covering the previous surface. Spraying and towelling down are two of the most common ways of how to do it. Spray-on paving is primarily made to alter the polymer. It is a coating that is cement based which obtains different colours.

Who can I call for concrete resurfacing?

If its concrete resurfacing you're after, Sydney Concrete Resurfacing can do it for you because your satisfaction is always our concern.